Wednesday, February 20, 2013

VMware Virtualization Blogs - Vote for the best in business!

Just wanted to notify all the readers about the voting for the Top 10 Virtualization blogs in the industry which is opened now.

This is an yearly election which is conducted by by opening a poll to the VMware community to rate the best blogs around the globe. Lets look at what vSphere Land has to to say about this Survey.

"There are over 200 blogs dedicated to VMware and virtualization, here’s your chance to pick your favorites and determine the top blogs. The last voting was a year ago and new bloggers are springing up every month. "

I am happy to announce that vXpress is also a candidate for this voting this year. :-) It is absolutely a pleasure to be listed by side of the some Masters of vBlogging.

Here is whom I voted for :-

@Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)
@Long White Clouds (Michael Webster)
@Frank Denneman(
@Virtu-Al (Alan Renouf)
@The Saffa Geek (Gregg Robertson)

Would appreciate and encourage you to Vote for the top 10 blogs as this helps the Virtualization bloggers across the globe to compete hard and provide quality content.

So what are you waiting for, head on over and take the survey to cast your ballot and reward the best bloggers for their hard work and dedication by letting them know that you appreciate them.

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