Wednesday, March 13, 2013

vSphere Architecture Design Review Process - Things to do!!

In my current project I am roped in to work on reviewing the existing architecture of a client with a large install base of vSphere. In the process I developed a small review process which I have represented in a form of a flowchart.

I thought it would be helpful for VMware consultants and customers in the field in order to review there existing designs and see how that design decision which was taken some time back, impacts the current operations of a VMware Virtual Datacenter.

For those who have worked on vSphere Designs would know that each design choice has to go through a decision tree which will then allow you to chose what is best for your vSphere Infrastructure. These decisions are taken on the basis of Requirements, Constraints, Assumptions and Risks involved in a design. 

The design review process works on the similar lines, however along with the Requirements, Constraints, Assumptions and Risks, you also have the opportunity to get the current state of the infrastructure through Assessments. In most of the cases you will notice that there are deviations from the standard design due to unforeseen constraints, requirements of even sprawl of virtual machines. The design review process involves this other angle which allows you to fix things in the architecture so that it holds good for the current requirements, constraints, assumptions and risks.

Enough of talking. Here is how I believe the process should be:-

Hope this will help the people who are making those tough choices in the world of VMware Virtualization.

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