Monday, February 24, 2014

"vXpress" In Race For Top vBlog 2014 Award - Cast your votes & win exciting prizes!

With the arrival of the new year, comes the time when all the Bloggers in the VMware Community need your evaluation through a simple Vote. Like every year, in collaboration with Veeam is out their to ask your opinion about the Top Virtualization Blogs which have helped you in the Past Year to Learn, Explore & Master the Virtualization Technology & the related Eco-system.

vXpress was nominated last year (2013) and it was Voted Number 11 in the "FAVORITE NEW BLOG" category. This time around, it is nominated again for Top vBlog 2014.

if vXpress has helped you in your journey of Virtualization & Cloud Computing, I would request you to VOTE for me. Likewise, I would also want you to vote for other blogs which you find interesting and helpful. Your vote would encourage the bloggers to continue the good work they have done for the community and deliver crisp and high quality information year after year.

As this post would reach out to a number of email subscribers and readers on Social Networks, I would encourage all of you to VOTE by clicking on the following link.

Whether you Vote or Get Voted, you have a chance to win some wonderful freebies as mentioned by Eric Siebert on

"This year the top VMware & virtualization blogger voting will be bigger and better thanks to Veeam. We’ll be doing random prize giveaways both for bloggers that make it into the top 50 and for the voters as well. I’ll randomly pick 3 blogger names and 4 voter names to win prizes which include a Mac Mini, iPad Mini, HP MicroServer, Beats headphones, Roku and a Wii U."


Time for me to cast my VOTE. 
See you around!!

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