Thursday, August 13, 2015

Use vRealize Operations to Monitor the Health of VSAN.

During a recent discussion about VMworld with Rawlinson Rivera a.k.a the VSAN Guru, we discussed about how vRealize Operations can be leveraged to monitor the performance and capacity of a VSAN Cluster. We discussed the VSAN Management Pack which was announced in beta earlier this year by VMware and during the discussion we came up with a few ideas around demonstrating the functionality of this integration at VMworld along with some vROps Custom Dashboard goodness.

Only in a week's time the idea became a reality and I now I would not only man the VSAN Booth speaking about the vROps integration, but I would also run a small presentation in the Demo Booth Theater on this topic. If you are interested in learning the tips and tricks of monitoring your VSAN environments with some cool dashboards of vRealize Operations Manager then come see me at the VSAN Booth. Here are the time slots when we can catch up:

  • Monday - 31st August 2015 - 1400 Hrs to 1800 Hrs at the VSAN Demo Booth

  • Wednesday - 2nd September 2015 - 1530 Hrs to 1630 Hrs at the VSAN Demo Booth Theater running a shot session on vROps and VSAN integration.

Also look forward to some of the blog posts which would talk about using vROps for VSAN in the coming days.

See you at VMworld!!

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