Monday, December 7, 2015

The Secret Sauce to be a VMware Ninja!

This is a quick post to share the resources from where I learn about vRealize Operations Manager. In the past few months, I have received a number of questions around Capacity Management, Alerts, Projects etc. I must say that VMware Technical Marketing has done a great job to document all this in a form of short videos which are completely FREE to access. You do not have to register or give out any information as well and just use these resources to learn vRealize Operations Manager.

Here is the Web-link -

The great news is that feature walk-through is not limited to vROps. You can learn a bunch of stuff about the entire SDDC stack right from vSphere to NSX and everything in between.

Here is a screenshot showcasing all the topics which are covered.

So go ahead and be a VMware Ninja with all the knowledge!!!

Don't forget to share!! 


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