Thursday, July 23, 2020

Everything Kubernetes with vRealize Operations

Hope you and your loved ones are safe during these times. If you are following me on twitter, you would have noticed that with my recent tweets, webinars, and blog posts, I have been heavily involved in onboarding and unlocking key use cases that can help our customers operationalize Kubernetes with vRealize Operations. I was recently curating all the community resources that are available around this space for in internal update and I thought it might be good to bring all of this into a single blog post that might help you on your Kubernetes journey with vRealize Operations. 

Here are some key blogs, videos, webinars that might be of help. Feel free to leave your comments for anything else you have found and might be helpful for the community members. I will be happy to include the same in this blog post:

VMware Blogs:


  • Kubernetes Monitoring with vRealize Operations and TKG running VMware Cloud on AWS 

  • Managing vSphere with Kubernetes using vRealize Operations: 

  • Monitoring a TKG Cluster using VMware vRealize Operations Manager

  • VMware Enterprise PKS Demo: vRealize Operations

Will continue to add more as I discover new resources. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on twitter. I tweet @sunny_dua.

Stay Safe!!