Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Enabling SDDC Health Solution for VSAN monitoring.

A few days back, I wrote about the release of VMware SDDC health Solution 2.0 which enabled you to monitor all the key components of your Software Defined Datacenter. If you go though the documentation of this release, you will see that the pre-requisite to monitor VSAN through this management pack requires you to install and configure the VMware vRealize® Operations Management Pack for vSAN™. This can be downloaded from the following link.
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Once you have the SDDC Health Solution and the VSAN management pack configured, you would need to enable the VSAN monitoring for VSAN to show as a child of SDDC solution on vROps UI. This option is not enabled out of the box since you may or may not have VSAN in your SDDC environments.

To enable this option follow the steps below:

Enable VMware vSAN Health Monitoring

VMware vSAN health monitoring under SDDC Health Management solution is disabled by default. You can manually enable the instance to receive VMware vSAN alerts and turn on the collection for VMware vSAN to collect data.

Note vRealize Operations Management Pack for vSAN is only supported on vRealize Operations Manager 6.4 and later.


Verify that vRealize Operations Management Pack for vSAN is installed to monitor VMware vSAN health using SDDC Health Management Solution.


1- Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager CLI using the root user and change the VSAN property to true in the sddchealth.properties file.

2- Edit the sddchealth.properties in the vi editor and set the value to true.

# vi $ALIVE_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/SDDCHealthAdapter3/conf/sddchealth.properties

3- Stop and restart the collection for SDDC Health adapter. 

Once you are done, you will start seeing the VSAN icon under the SDDC Management Health Overview Dashboard.

Will share as I explore this further in monitoring the entire gamut of SDDC solution with the aim of getting them under a "Single Pane of Glass" :-)

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