Tuesday, April 14, 2020

vRealize Operations Cloud - The one stop shop for multi-cloud operations is LIVE

About vRealize Operations Cloud:

Along with vRealize Operations 8.1, VMware just made the vRealize Operations Cloud service go live. VMware vRealize Operations Cloud is a cloud-delivered service that allows a customer’s infrastructure and operations teams to manage the enterprise’s VMware Cloud environment, whether in the customer’s own on-premises software-defined data center (“SDDC”) or in the customer’s hosted environment, such as VMware Cloud on AWS.

·       vRealize Operations Cloud has the same feature capabilities as the On-premises vRealize Operations Manager 8.1, with the operational agility and benefits of SaaS

·       The service is offered on the Cloud Service Platform thereby providing a consistent experience to customers who are consuming other VMware Cloud Services and leveraging common services for Identity Management, Billing, and Support.

·       vROps Cloud provides integrations with other vRealize SaaS Offerings namely vRealize Log Insight Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Cloud, and vRealize Automation Cloud

·       Exclusive in vROps Cloud: View logs in context of the selected object in vRealize Operations Cloud; Launch into the full capabilities of vRealize Log Insight Cloud at the click of a button

Purchasing vROps Cloud:

Refer to vROps Cloud Pricing for the latest information on pricing.

vROps Cloud Documentation & Resources:

vRealize Operations 8.1 is out. Here is everything you need to know.

VMware just announced the General Availability of vRealize Operations 8.1. I wanted to quickly share the high-level capabilities that are coming with this release. These are based on key themes of VMware's Cloud Operations vision. 

vRealize Operations Manager 8.1 delivers new and enhanced capabilities for self-driving operations to help customers optimize, plan, and scale VMware Cloud, which includes on-premises private cloud or VMware SDDC in multiple public clouds such as VMware Cloud on AWS, while at the same time unifying multi-cloud monitoring. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this release takes us one step closer to the Cloud Operations Vision of providing a unified operations platform, deliver continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity, and cost management, proactive planning, app-aware intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance. 

The key release themes include:

Integrated and Intelligent

  • Support for vSphere 7 with Kubernetes helps operationalize vSphere with Kubernetes by enabling you to monitor the health, performance, and the capacity of constructs such as Namespaces, Tanzu Kubernetes cluster, and vSphere Pods.
  • Self-driving Operations for VMware Cloud on AWS provides native support for VMware Cloud on AWS. It simplifies Cloud Account for VMware Cloud on AWS, leveraging VMware Cloud Service Portal Token and will be able to auto-Discover new SDDCs and incorporate for monitoring in a few simple steps.
  • Intelligent Alert importance ranking to help prioritize triggered alerts based on access and occurrence frequency analysis. 
  • Enhanced and updated management packs to support the new release. There are multiple enhancements to various management packs with this release. Refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix for all VMware Management Packs supported with vRealize Operations Manager 8.1. The 3rd party authored Management Packs that are supported with 8.1 are listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide.
  • Native support for regulatory compliance packs 
  • Integrations. Integrations. Integrations

Easy Management
  • Simplified alert management with the ability to create and modify alert definitions and manage changes across alerts, symptoms, recommendations, policies, and notifications using a simplified workflow. This includes enhanced notification filters as well.
  • Simplified and intuitive summary pages for key objects to simplify monitoring and troubleshooting with quick access to key information.
  • Enhanced Dashboard Management capabilities such as search, arrange, maximize widgets, etc. to simplify the user experience.
  • Consistent navigation via improved menus across the workflows to enhance ease of use.

 Application-Aware and Multi-Cloud
  • Application Operations enhancements with the ability to do credential-less discovery of services leveraging VMware Tools.
  • Telegraf Agent lifecycle management with public API support for application monitoring at large scale.
  • Native Support for Azure via Cloud account and monitoring Azure services.
  • Enhanced Public cloud monitoring support with an introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration in addition to existing support of AWS and Azure.
  • Enhanced cloud costing with Cloud Health perspectives.
  • Out of box dashboards, Reports and Alerts to manage VMware Cloud on AWS, Public Clouds, and vSphere with Kubernetes

For a detailed list of enhancements refer to the release notes.

·       Download Link: vRealize Operations 8.1 Download Landing Page

·       Release Notes:  Release Notes