Tuesday, April 14, 2020

vRealize Operations Cloud - The one stop shop for multi-cloud operations is LIVE

About vRealize Operations Cloud:

Along with vRealize Operations 8.1, VMware just made the vRealize Operations Cloud service go live. VMware vRealize Operations Cloud is a cloud-delivered service that allows a customer’s infrastructure and operations teams to manage the enterprise’s VMware Cloud environment, whether in the customer’s own on-premises software-defined data center (“SDDC”) or in the customer’s hosted environment, such as VMware Cloud on AWS.

·       vRealize Operations Cloud has the same feature capabilities as the On-premises vRealize Operations Manager 8.1, with the operational agility and benefits of SaaS

·       The service is offered on the Cloud Service Platform thereby providing a consistent experience to customers who are consuming other VMware Cloud Services and leveraging common services for Identity Management, Billing, and Support.

·       vROps Cloud provides integrations with other vRealize SaaS Offerings namely vRealize Log Insight Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Cloud, and vRealize Automation Cloud

·       Exclusive in vROps Cloud: View logs in context of the selected object in vRealize Operations Cloud; Launch into the full capabilities of vRealize Log Insight Cloud at the click of a button

Purchasing vROps Cloud:

Refer to vROps Cloud Pricing for the latest information on pricing.

vROps Cloud Documentation & Resources:

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