Thursday, August 16, 2012

VMworld 2012 - The countdown begins!!

10 days to VMworld 2012 and I thought I will write about the excitement I see in the x86 Virtualization market. The market is hot as ever and this time the theme is Who is better and Who can fulfill what the customer needs with the most efficient and cost effective solution.

I have been working with VMware for the past few years and I am so impressed with the strategies of VMware. Be it Technology, be it Innovation or be it the humble ways of handling competition, it shows that VMware has not only matured as a most trusted platform for the cloud, but the organization itself has matured tenfold.

The competition for VMware has made enough noise for the past one year with what they "WOULD" release, however this has not made any impact to the strategies and goals of the organization which is driven by Customer Satisfaction and Innovative ways to move towards Cloud Computing.

'Thinking beyond Virtualization' -  was a clear message which came out of last year's VMworld and I am sure VMware would have some amazing surprises for the industry as every year. I know of people in the company who say that "This year VMworld would be the BIGGEST" and they have been saying this for past few years now :-)

Would be coming up soon with what VMware is upto by the beginning of next month. Stay tuned and watch this space for more.

In the mean time, if you wanna make to the VMworld in US or EMEA, here is the page where you can register yourself. If you are unable to be there due to other priorities then you could subscribe for streaming sessions on demand.

Till then, have a great time... ;-)

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