Saturday, June 8, 2013

VMware Cloud Credibility: One-Stop-Shop To Learn About Cloud!

A few days back I was listening to VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast hosted by John Mark Troyer who works for VMware as a Director for the social media evangelist group. The podcast was of great interest to me as it discussed the VMware vExpert 2013 rewardees.

In-fact, once the results were out here, I was extremely happy and excited to see that, I have been honored with this title for the year 2013. Yes, I am a vExpert 2013 :-) 

One of the great thing about VMware technology and community is that this is an ocean full of knowledge and there is no end to learning. One of the greatest example of this is the VMware Cloud Cred Program which was discussed by John, Eric and Corey during this podcast. As soon as I heard about the program, I logged into the Cloud Cred Website to check what's cooking.

Once I registered and created my team and added some of my fellow vExperts and VMware enthusiasts to my team, I was exposed to the great collaborative features of this program, which not only allows you to work as a team, but also enables you to learn together and understand both basic and advance concepts of Virtualization & Cloud Computing.

What's fantastic is that this program is not only for Virtual-Nerds (name of our cloud cred team) but also for individuals who want to get started with Virtualization & Cloud Computing. This portal acts as a gateway which exposes you to a number of great resources whether its influential people on twitter, some great blog articles on cloud computing or some amazing social evangelism tasks. Well, I guess this would be my go to place for my daily dose of news on Cloud Computing and Virtualization. 

To put the icing on the cake, this program not only makes you learn, but also earn :-)

With each task you and your team performs, you get brownie points which can be later redeemed for some awesome goodies. The complete list of awards can be found HERE

The GRAND prize from this program is a fully paid trip to VMware Barcelona. Here are the details.

Learn More

Well I am 2 days old into this program and I have already won a number of gifts :-) Here is the list of my goodies.

To learn more about this program, have a look at the details in the video below and enroll and be a part of this wonderful opportunity to learn.

As always, Don't forget to Share and Spread the Knowledge. 


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    cloud computing is a way to increase capacity and use of data on remotely located computers accessed over internet..