Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Dependency Missing" error while installing HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter!

Just a quick note about one of my recent experience while deploying SRM 5.1 at a customer's site. After setting up the vCenter and SRM server, I went ahead and tried installing the HP EVA SRA which was downloaded and kept by the customer.

For those who are not aware of what is a SRA and how it helps in configuration of SRM, please read the following document. You can also find the pre-requisites for installing the SRA on this page.

So as always, I read the pre-requisites and started with the installation. As soon as I started, I encountered the following error.

HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter
Dependency Missing
"VMware SRM is not installed. Please install SRM before installing HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter"

Believe me SRM was installed and the service was running. I tried this a number of times but failed miserably. The SRA version which I was trying to install was:-

Release Date: 2012-06-06

After trying all the options, I went ahead and downloaded the SRA myself. The issue was right there. The version available for 5.1 was different:-

Release Date: 2012-09-10

Well then I noticed that SRAs for every minor release is different. The worst part is that you do not get any errors pertaining to the version of the SRA but a weird message that the SRM is not installed. I learnt my lesson the hard way. Hope this helps you from falling in the illusion created by that error message.

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