Friday, April 29, 2016

Configuring HP OneView Adapter with vRealize Operations Manager

While configuring the HP OneView Adapter 2.0 for vRealize Operations Manager 6.x, I faced an issue which is not documented appropriately in the HP documentation and hence I thought I will share my experience through this article.

HP OneView Adapter 2.0 is a powerful management pack for vRealize Operations Manager. It provides you a lot of information about the HP hardware being monitored through OneView and provides a number of out of the box alerts which can save your day as an admin. Here is an abstract from the documentation from HP about this management pack:

"HPE OneView for VMware vRealize Operations provides integrated and highly automated performance, capacity, configuration compliance, and cost management tools to the vRealize Operations custom GUI. The software uses the VMware’s analytics engine that analyzes what is normal and then applies that baseline to a dynamic server environment. For information on vRealize Operations, see VMware vRealize Operations Enterprise documentation at http://

When the OneView for VMware vRealize Operations is installed, the custom OneView Dashboard
is added to the vRealize Operations custom GUI.

The OneView Dashboard allows you to monitor resources in a vRealize environment. The attributes that can be monitored include: resource health, power, temperature (server and enclosure), and system alerts. The analytics engine allows for proactive monitoring of the OneView resource environment and indicates the state of the resources. If a problem occurs, an alert is triggered and displayed. The analytics engine also provides for proactive prediction which can determine the point in the future when a resource will reach a predefined critical level"

The same document talks about installing this management pack and mentions that you need to a couple of username and passwords to configure the credentials for this management pack.

It is not clear as to what this username and password should be. First of all the author spelled vRealize incorrectly and then there is no mention of what is the OneView for vROps Username anywhere in the document. I tried using the same account which I have configured on OneView for vROps integration and tried to Test the Connection. 

The process failed with an error about unable to connect to OneView. I received the following error on the UI. 

To understand the error better, I browsed through the collector.log located here


I saw the following log:

2016-04-29 05:28:08,740 INFO  [Communicator]  com.integrien.alive.collector.CommunicatorThread.receivedTask -    <-  Received 'Test connection' task from Alive (id: 437, cid: 1) Details: {AIR=null,ResId={null};}
2016-04-29 05:28:08,740 INFO  [Task Processor worker thread 8] - Starting to process 'Test connection' task... (id: 437, cid: 1)
2016-04-29 05:28:10,772 WARN  [Task Processor worker thread 8]  org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate.handleResponseError - GET request for "https://localhost/suite-api/api/auth/users?_no_links=true" resulted in 401 (Unauthorized); invoking error handler
2016-04-29 05:28:10,832 ERROR [Task Processor worker thread 8] - Unable to process task Test connection id:437 from collector:1

The log tells me that this adapter tried connecting to the vROps API and it failed to authorize, which means that the user for vRealize has to be a user within vROps and not OneView.

I created a local user in vROps with admin permissions with access to all the objects and used that user to connect. This helped me connect successfully and complete the adapter configuration. 

To create a local user Go to Administration > Access Control. Under User Accounts Tab Click on the + sign to add a user. Fill in all the details and click on Next. Select the Role as Administrator, and Allow Access to all the Objects and click Finish

This should help you fix the problem.

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  1. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

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