Saturday, July 30, 2016

Exporting Content with vRealize Operations Manager Policies

Policies as we know are the control center of vRealize Operations Manager. In the vRealize Operations Webinar Series, we have been running for the entire year, we have seen that policies needs to be touched, configured, modified etc, with every feature or functionality available out of the box or being customized with vROps. This pretty much aligns with all the products of VMware. They all have a theme of Policy Based Control which allows you to built, run and operate the Software Defined Datacenter components by tying them down to your business policies.

With this article, I wanted to highlight, that policies is not about configuration only, they are also about content. In a recent project, I discovered that with vROps 6.2.1, you can utilize policies for exporting and importing content from one vROps instance to another. This includes:-

  • Alert Definitions
  • Symptom Definitions
  • Recommendations, &,
  • SuperMetrics

This in my opinion is a killer feature as it allows you to create content once and distribute the same by a simple export and import of a policy. This opens a lot of avenues to collaborate and share meaningful content with community.

While the above mentioned content can be exported & imported easily, things like Views, Dashboards and Reports still need to be exported and imported individually. I believe with time, VMware should work towards unifying & ease content management by making everything exportable and importable like LogInsight content packs.

I will not go into the details of how to Export & Import policies, since I have already done an article on this sometime back which is applicable today as well. I will utilize this feature and work on creating a collaborative content library where you can share content with policies.

Stay tuned for more fun on vROps!!!

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