Thursday, November 21, 2013

Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication Network Ports Required - Simplified!

Firewalls have been a nightmare for me lately, not because I hate security, but because I hate hunting down the ports which are required to implement solutions successfully. In one of my recent engagement, I came across a heavily fire-walled environment across sites and within sites. As the title of the post suggests, this implementation was of Site Recovery Manage (5.1.1) and vSphere Replication Appliance (VRA 5.1.1).

The use case was simple. It was to use vSphere Replication for workload replication from Site A (Primary or Protected Site) to Site B (DR or Recovery Site).

The vCenter Server, SRM Server and vSphere Replication Appliance are on one VLAN while the ESXi servers are on a different VLAN within Site A. Same is the case with Site B as well.

After going through a number of articles and diagrams, I wanted to simplify these ports with a site naming convention as it is much more easier to remember and correlate with a reference rather than using the product names. So without further a-do here is my simplified list of ports for the setup which I explained above.

In case you still need the exhaustive list then there are some fantastic articles like this or this on VMware KB Portal. Hope this helps you simplify one of your deployments.

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  1. Good article sunny .. very handy information :)

  2. Same case with our environment... This will be very handy.. Thanks Sunny for sharing it.

  3. You are welcome guys.. Glad this is helpful.