Sunday, February 26, 2017

vROps is EASY!!!

While that sounds like a whacky title.. You will only believe when you see the video I am about to share... Full credit of this video goes to Matt Bradford who blogs at . He has clearly knocked it out of the park to show you how easy it is to make vRealize Operations Dashboards and how broad is the spectrum of the product as compared to "SO CALLED COMPETITION". Not saying that competition is bad, but in operations it is all about choice.

Choice to see what you want to see.. Choice to Slice and Dice data, Choice to present data so that it makes sense to the super nerd and the layman.. That is the power of vROps and it custom dash-boarding capabilities.

So if you are the one who thinks vROps is difficult, it is showing too many things, I don't know what to look at and all that JAZZ!!

Go see this...

If someone said operations is simple!! They are fooling you.. It is more complex than any other process or technology out there.. You know WHY? Because it involves human.. While we know a lot about Human Behavior, no science has cracked the code yet... So when you are dealing with People, Process and Perceptions you need something which can help you put your thought process on a canvas.. Guess what?? vROps can do that!! 

So go figure....

Thanks Matt for making this video.. you made my day!!

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