Saturday, March 18, 2017

Looking back at vRealize Operations Webinar Series 2016

The series started back in 2016 when Simon & I decided that we need to share the work which we are doing with our customers in the field. This would help individuals like us and customers to gain insight into how they can improve their operations by using the features which vROps has to offer. The key purpose was to show how the product would solve specific customer use cases along with deep dive into architectures, commonly used features, tips and tricks and more.

We recorded a total of 12 Episodes with a total 15 hours worth of material. With more than 10000 views on YouTube of our episodes, the work was highly appreciated by audiences and they have asked for more this year....

Before we start with the 2017 series... I quickly wanted to share all the material with you so that you can continue to learn....

Special thanks to Simon and other guest speakers of making this happen!!

Hope you enjoyed the series..... Looking forward to produce more content in 2017.

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