Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What is Fast... A recent interview with David Davis!

Working from the VMware headquarters definitely has more benefits than getting great Indian Food and rubbing shoulders with the Whose Who of the Virtualization and Cloud Industry :-)

On a busy Monday afternoon, I was told that +David Davis with his team from +ActualTech Media - is at the HQ and they are speaking with the Cloud Management Business folks about VMware's vRealize product line. David as we all know is a great inspiration and a mentor for many who want to learn about VMware and the technologies in the surrounding eco-system. Just like others, I have followed him very closely and have always appreciated the work he has done for the vCommunity. We spoke at length about the work I am doing related to vRealize Operations Manager, Blogging, Webinar series etc. Later we decided to do a recorded interview which might help the viewers of Actual Tech Media and vXpress to have a quick look at where we are going!!

While I have interviewed with him before, along with +Iwan Rahabok during VMworld 2016, that interview never got published due to technical difficulties. Iwan was missed during this interview, but I had him covered I guess :-)

Here is the recording of the interview. It's just 15 minutes and I am sure it would be worth!!

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