Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Want to learn about effective Performance & Capacity Management - See us at VMworld!

With VMworld 2015 San Francisco Edition being right around the corner, I thought it was only fair to share the details of the session which me and Iwan Rahabok, (author of VMware vRealize Operations Performance & Capacity Management  and indeed a great friend) are presenting during VMworld this year. So far we have decided to present only at San Francisco and Barcelona is still a topic in discussion for us. Here are the details of the session:

"If a VM has performance problem, and the Application Team thinks your Infrastructure is causing it, can you prove within 1 minute whether the ball is in your court or theirs? How can both party agree on a specific, measurable Performance SLA up front? This will reduce the blame-storming session. Can you prove that your Infrastructure is serving all the VMs well? How do you define "well"? How do you take into account Performance SLA when doing Capacity Planning? The session is based on the book by the speaker. More about the book can be found at"

Needless to say that these are the wise words of Iwan who has been working with some large clients around the world. I also wanted to add my scoop to this session by talking about how capacity plays an important role in performance management. 

In my opinion Performance and Capacity are the two sides of the same coin and one who learns to strike a balance between both would be efficient at Operations Management. The session goes above and beyond just the product and talks about some real life examples of efficient operations management by using the concepts of IT operations management framework.

Here are the session takeaways in brief:

1- Learn the art of performance management using vRealize Operations Manager

2- Real world examples of how vROps Performance & Capacity Management can help you manage your virtual infrastructure efficiently.

3- Learn the core concepts of Performance & Capacity counters which drive the health of your virtual infrastructure.

With this, I will close this article and would look forward to see you all in our session at VMworld!!

I would also be around in the vExpert Zone, VMware CTO Ambassador Booth and the VSAN booth where I would talk about how your can manage Performance & Capacity of VMware VSAN using vRealize Operations Management.

Till then..

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