Wednesday, December 14, 2016

VMware releases the SDDC Management Health Solution 2.0

Back in the month of September, I wrote about the VMware SDDC Health Solution which would help you deploy a unified management pack within vROps to monitor the health of your SDDC Management Stack. During that first release, the product was limited to monitor vCenter and vRealize Operations Manager. I did mention that it was a big step and if VMware could continue to invest on adding the rest of the solutions of the management stack into this unified management pack, it would help provide a Single Pane to SDDC customers to monitor the health and performance of there SDDC Management Stack which is huge.

The engineering team at VMware just took this to the next level by releasing the version 2.0 of this management pack today.

In its new Avatar, the management pack would now support the following components of the Software Defined Data-center.

  • VMware vCenter 
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager 
  • VMware vRealize Automation 
  • VMware vSAN 
  • VMware vRealize LogInsight
  • VMware vRealize Business for Cloud
  • VMware NSX for vSphere

The management pack now supports 5 additional components and it covers mostly everything you would use in a SDDC Management Stack. While I have used this and was involved in Beta I am ready to install the GA build in my environment and play with it. Here is the overview of the solution from solution exchange.


VMware SDDC Health Solution provides Single pane of glass towards the SDDC Management stack and provides health (availability & product effectiveness) and configuration.

It provides validations against

- vSphere Hardening Guide
- NSX Hardening Guide

  • SDDC Health Management : Overview
  • SDDC Health Management : Historical Trend
  • Health & Configuration based alerts


SDDC Health solution bundles the capability of monitoring various application components of the SDDC management stack. The intent of the Solution is to provide Single Pane of Glass to isolate the health problems in the applications running on the SDDC management plane.

New SDDC Management Dashboard which includes the following:
  • SDDC Health Management : Health Overview
  • SDDC Health Management : Historical Trend
  • SDDC Health Management Apps : Infrastructure View
  • SDDC Health Management Apps : Service View
  • Health based alerts
  • Config based alerts
  • Top Recommendations 

Go get it!!


  1. In reviewing the documentation, there are a lot of special requirements and fragile dependencies that it needs to function. It also seems to involve installing the EpOps agents on all the vRA components, vRO, and possibly other appliances. VMware has discouraged installing this on any pre-built appliances thus far. Has that stance changed? And who supports this? GSS? VMware Communities only?

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