Sunday, March 16, 2014

Part 1 - Optimizing vCenter Operations Manager Deployment!

Off late I have been doing a number of projects on vCenter Operations Manager. Although their are available set of best practices and recommendations available in the VMware vCOps documentation, I wanted to share some of my experiences from the field in terms of deployment requirements and configuration considerations on vCenter Operations Manager 5.x.

I will go into each consideration along with the steps on how to implement the same in a multi-part blog series with this being the Part 1. Since this post is just to set the context , I will give you some insights on basic deployment considerations in this post and move on to certain advanced considerations in the posts to come.

This series can be considered as a learning platform for vCenter Operations Manager as an Enterprise Performance Management & Capacity Planning Solution for a Software Defined Datacenter. Hence, the posts would be targeted to both the newbies and the people who are well versed with the product. 

With this post let me point you to a couple of articles which I wrote in the past to give you an introduction about vCOps and the sizing considerations for deploying vCOps.

vCenter Operations Manager - Solving Performance, Capacity and Configuration Problems!! - This post gives you a brief overview about Why vCOps was created and What can it do for you!! I would highly recommend you read this if you are a newbie.
Another important one form a deployment point of view would be this post : Right Sizing vCenter Operations Manager vApp For Efficient Performance !! This would help you understand the basic resource requirements for the vCOps vAPP for your infrastructure. At this point you should also have the links to official VMware KB articles and guides which speaks about sizing the vCOps vAPP for monitoring the Virtual Infrastructure, other VMware Solutions such as VMware View and third party monitoring solutions which can send in feeds to vCOps for using the Analytical capabilities of vCOps which makes it a unique proposition.

In addition to above introductory articles, you can also have a look at the page dedicated to vCOps on this blog - vCOps Resources on vXpress. I keep updating this page as I write articles on vCOps and you can book mark this page if you like. Lastly, I would also want you to book mark a page created by Lior Kamrat who himself has written some excellent articles on his blog IMALLVIRTUAL.COM . He has a page on vCOps which has all the great resources in vCOps from all the renowned bloggers in the VMware Community. This will help you a lot.
With this I will close this article and soon will come out with the Part 2 of this post which will take you one step closer to the world of vCenter Operations Manager. 
Till then.. Stay tuned :-)

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