Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#FeedForward - VMUG Initiative To Give Back to the Community..

Their can be no better time to kick start the India #VMUG Chapter, especially when the Gurus in the Virtualization arena are here to assist the VMUG members who have their success stories to present at the VMUG events, however might not have the experience or in some cases the confidence to come and talk about how they used Virtualization in their organization/projects to make them successful.

VMUG which is all about bringing together the VMware Users in cities and countries has grown multi-folds today. India has started strong with close to 2000+ members who are getting the act together. In order to ensure that each VMUG member has the capabilities around presenting content in their local VMUG chapter, VMUG has come with a new program called #FeedForward.

You can contribute to this program in multiple ways and that gives a chance to literally everyone to give back to the community.

If you are an industry expert or are a VMUG member then you need to keep an eye on this program and contribute as much as you can back to the community. Who knows this get counted for the vExpert Title Some Day :-).

Here are the ways by which you can contribute:-


Here is the link through which you can nominate yourself:-

You can read more about this program in the Feb 2014 edition of VMUG voice

Mike Laverick has also written about the program on his blog :

Share & Spread the Knowledge!!

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