Friday, April 11, 2014

Moving to a New Role: A New Challenge - A New Opportunity!

I wanted to share the good news with all the readers of vXpress, my friends & colleagues across the globe about a change in my professional career which I think would be one of the most important step forward for the next decade of my career. It is time to unlock some new ideas and take up the new challenge.

I have been working with VMware in my second innings for close to 3 years now. For those who are not aware, I was at VMware for 2 years back in 2009-10 working as a Technical Lead within the Global Support Services team. Needless to say that all the in-depth knowledge about VMware concepts and technology came to me with my experience at GSS where I had to face one challenge after another to solve issues faced by clients related to VMware and the entire eco-system around it. 

When I joined them back after a small stint with a system integrator, I was lucky to be a part of the Professional Service group which was a start-up of sorts for India. I still remember that we were a 2 member team with myself & Samir Roshan, doing all the heavy lifting around all the engagements.

Today as I wrap up the Professional Services kick-off in Mumbai with my team & I see that we have grown to a 10 strong member team with 2 more to join us soon. In essence we have grown 6 times in the past 3 years as a team which is FANTASTIC. 

My role has always been evolving and changing during this time and today I have been asked to take up the role of an Enterprise Solutions Architect within the Professional Services arena. With this move, my primary responsibility would be to lay down the pathway to the Software Defined Datacenter for VMware customers. I would also get an opportunity to work on Virtualization of Business Critical Applications & migration of traditional applications from a Unix to Linux platform which would be virtualized in the target state. Well, the new challenge looks humongous but I am looking forward to take it on.

As always, you would start seeing the flavor of my work in my articles. The good thing is that I will get to learn & play around with the existing and upcoming solutions from VMware and ofcourse would love to share my experience around them with everyone.

Thanks once again for all the feedback and viewership on vXpress.

Stay Tuned!!

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