Monday, April 28, 2014

Sections you must have in your vSphere Architecture Design - VCDX way!

Today I completed my VCDX Architecture Design document which I need to submit to VMware Education in a week. The idea about writing this blog post came to my mind while I was staring at the content section of my Architecture Document. I think it would be great to share a snapshot of the high level contents with all my readers as this would solve multiple purposes:-

>> One, it will help the VCDX aspirants to ensure that they have a ready reckoner which can guide them while creating their Architecture Design Document. 

>> Two, it will help me to get a feedback from peers on what I could be missing in my Architecture Design which they think could be a success criteria.

>> Lastly, VCDX or NO VCDX, it is generally good to have a design document with all these categories to ensure that you cover every nook and corner while creating your vSphere Architecture for your organization or your clients.

So without further a-do here is a screenshot which says it all. 

Their are multiple sections under the main sections which I have listed here, but yeah, these in my opinion are critical to a Design Document.

The debate is open now, so please participate and let me know if you agree, disagree or you want to add more to the list which you think might be a game changer.

Share & Spread the Knowledge!!

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